Furniture Artist Life with Aaron


February 13, 2022 Aaron Season 1 Episode 10
Furniture Artist Life with Aaron
Show Notes


Why are you a furniture artist?  Or let me ask, why are you still a furniture artist?

o   Have you found what you really enjoy doing? Are you still searching?

o   I was listening to a voice coach on YouTube the other day describing a musician's voice and song selection. He mentioned that a musician needs to be at one with the selection. Needed to feel the music and his passion come through the music. 

o   Does that apply to us, furniture artists?

o   Do you have to be at one with your project? It’s deep that I feel has excellent accuracy in what I do.

o   Passion can drive you so fast into a project that you soon become so stuck your project is hitting a wall and you don’t know what to do. Or is that adrenaline? 

·      You can be good at something, but does it mean you enjoy it or have a passion for it?

·      What’s the difference between gifted, skilled, and passion? 

·      Sometimes I feel you can judge the level of passion by the ability to conquer difficulties. 

·      For example, if you come up with a difficult challenge with your project, do you put it to the side or do you say—"I got this, I will not be conquered by this”?

·      There’s a choice you make, a mindset and state of mind that puts you in a path for success.

·      Passion brings you back, it drives you to keep going, 

·      to keep reaching

·      Passion for growth

·      Passion to have success?

·      Passion to do the craft regardless of what others think?

·      Have you ever used the phrase—“I’m waiting for the piece to speak to me”?  I am sure we all have.  

·      Be careful you aren’t just too spread thin. A passion for what you love should clear the way for you to get back to the goal or the prize. You might need to simplify the path. 

·      You should find more joy in what you do if you have an open slate to let the passion drive.

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