Furniture Artist Life with Aaron

Branding Your Business

February 28, 2022 Aaron Season 1 Episode 12
Furniture Artist Life with Aaron
Branding Your Business
Show Notes


·      So, you are ready to get serious with your craft.

·      You want to start social media platforms, get some business cards, maybe even a booth space.

What is your style, character, business focus?

·      I recommend you write 3 words that describe your business

·      Ex.   Fun, Quirky, Exciting     Casual, Cozy, Country      Classy, Refined, Sharp

·      Consider making a mood board. Maybe a Pinterest board. What does your business look like?



·      I am sure you are wondering—what in the world should I name my business.

·      What’s in a name anyway?

·      Be able to tell your story in your name.

·      Does the name require learning to know what it means?

·      Have a reason?

·      Search social platforms and the internet to see if others are using your business name as well.

·      abbreviations


·      Why does a good logo matter?

·      A logo and brand design are the face of your brand

·      The colors

·      Typeface

·      Textures

·      Shapes

·      and more

·      Where to get a good logo?

o   Start local—build a relationship, with someone that can understand what you are trying to accomplish, what you need to do with your brand

o   There are affordable online options, but they won’t have a passion for your business.

o   A professional or experienced designer should provide the critical options you need for the work you need to do.

o   Options like Dark, light, transparent, scalable, stacked, wide

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