Furniture Artist Life with Aaron

Meeting and Picking up Furniture

March 07, 2022 Aaron Season 1 Episode 13
Furniture Artist Life with Aaron
Meeting and Picking up Furniture
Show Notes

When you agree to purchase furniture on your favorite sale site like Marketplace. It’s time to go get the piece. Maybe you are even at a garage sale or estate sale. Are you ready to take a piece home?

Here are some items to have ready

·      We have a tool bag. It is also what we take when we go fluff or work in our booth.

·      In the bag

o   tape measure

o   flathead (antique screws)

o Phillip's head

o   Screwdriver with the ability to change bits

o   Scissors

o   Small drill

o   Markers

o   Tape

o   Small hammer

o   Box Cutter

·      Blankets

·      Plastic wrap

·      Plastic bag or container for screws

·      Back brace or support brace

·      Gloves?

·      Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps 

·      Cash?

·      If go to an estate sale, make sure to bring a copy of your tax-exempt form


·      Communicate

o   What time you can be there

o   Be flexible

o   Provide ETAs  Use maps

o   Let them know you are there

o   If you have a trailer—where can you park and how will you get out 

o   Be super polite

o   Realize they aren’t comfortable for you to be there

o   The piece you are buying may be special to them

o   Easy on the questions

o   Don’t be in a hurry

o   Scope out how you might need to get it out of the home

Second level
 tight turns

Floor condition





Overall, be prepared. Think it through 

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