Furniture Artist Life with Aaron

Studio Space

March 20, 2022 Aaron Season 1 Episode 15
Furniture Artist Life with Aaron
Studio Space
Show Notes

Studio Space

How’s your studio space looking? Are you ready to get one set up? 

With any creative space, they typically take on the needs of your creative style.

The number one goal of any space is efficiency. If you can’t access what you need quickly, you are making extra work and then there is less time to be creative and do your craft.

I have been painting furniture for almost 6 years at this point and I am happy to share more about my space.

My studio is a converted, enclosed porch with central air.

There are key pieces of furniture that I use, you may need more depending on what you do.

·       A desk. I use a Jacobean dining table that I bought at a thrift store for $15. It’s in rough shape but it’s perfect since I don’t care if it gets paint on it and there’s a lot of space. I actually have an IKEA shelf on its side to add organization and height. My computer, extra monitor, light, and other tech items are also on this desk.

·       Storage cabinet or dresser. I have an Ethan Allen dresser that I had to replace a couple wide drawers and make them storage spaces with baskets.

·       Shelf or cabinet for paint

·       Work table—I have 2 small folding tables, one square one, and one wide one. Options.

• Don't forget about a good chair

You need room for furniture. Size of the furniture is up to you—haha.

Things in my dresser

·       Tools

·       Sanding items

·       Small clamps

·       Pads, felt, glides

·       Heat gun

·       Small knobs

·       Furniture wax

·       Touch up pens

·       Screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, small hammers, pliers, 

·       Skewers, mixing sticks

·       Can openers

I have 3 stand adjustable lights. (see my website amazon page for the link to the lights I use)

Rolling cart

Brush Holders

Screws and other small fasteners

Small organization cart

Extension cords

Hanging organization—something I am working to add.

Carts—lots of them.


Maybe some LED lights—add some fun and energy to your space



Room for others to join you and hang out.

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