Furniture Artist Life with Aaron

Balance in Life

March 27, 2022 Aaron Season 1 Episode 16
Furniture Artist Life with Aaron
Balance in Life
Show Notes



·      In this episode, I want to not only discuss balance, but I find it important to talk about goals or purpose.

·      This is one of the top topics that affect all of us. 

·      Where in the world do we find time to do furniture life

·      We all would say we are already busy

·      I find the most likely reason we have this topic crosses our minds is that we are looking to do more. 

·      Where does the more come from?

·      Over the past 5–6 years I have gone round and round with the concept of going full-time with furniture, and I must admit the conversation in my head doesn’t happen as much of late, here’s why

o   I have come to grips that I like my secure life with benefits, retirement, steady paycheck. 

o   There is no doubt to be successful in the furniture artist life, you need multiple streams of income. That takes time.

o   I am actively pushing efforts to multiple areas. 1. Youtube  2. Multiple Booths 3. My overall brand   4. This podcast   and more

·      So, for us to talk about Balance, it’s critical for you to decide what it is you need to balance.

·      My last statement is critical because if you look at the mountain of work ahead of you, I will be honest and tell you that you don’t have time.

·      You need a reason to sacrifice time and other things you enjoy.

·      It comes down to that. Sacrifice.

·      There is no reason to pressure yourself into sacrificing time if it won’t get you to your goals.

·      What are your goals?

·      If you aren’t sure where things are headed, then take it slow. You’ll never get where you need to be tomorrow. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

·      When I started, I had no idea why I was painting furniture. It’s taken a long time to find what I can handle and what I can’t.

·      Honestly, please don’t try to set goals if you are just starting out, have fun, make sure fun is there. Without fun, the rest won’t matter. 

·      Your passion will drive you to put in the time, make the sacrifice, and ignore the pain.

·      Balance

o   Here is how I look at projects and get them done.

§  One step at a time.

§  No matter what happens, when you do one step at a time, it’s going to get done.

§  A lot of the furniture art process is that there are many steps and often time is critical between these steps.

§  I recommend having multiple projects if you want to fill time.

o   Then—get ready to have complete pieces. What will you do with them next?

o   You’ll have all your pieces in your home that you want to be done, then you’ll be looking for other things to paint. —that’s great

·      Overall—

o   Take breaks

o   Have variety

o   Family first

o   Have fun

o   Start slow and easy

o   Don’t let others push you to not follow your passion

o   Define you

o   You will never be someone else—be inspired by but don’t duplicate

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