Furniture Artist Life with Aaron

Critiquing Your Work

April 03, 2022 Aaron Season 1 Episode 17
Furniture Artist Life with Aaron
Critiquing Your Work
Show Notes

 Critiquing Your Work

Do you work on a project, and you get that feeling that something isn’t quite right about it, and you aren’t sure how to fix it?

There are a lot of factors that can affect how you edit your project so it feels right. What is it that is making you feel like something needs to be edited or adjusted?

o   Is it the right fit for your home?

o   Is it something your customers will want?

o   Are you concerned about what others will think?

o   Is it a good design?

o   Some factors in design can be Unity, Balance, Color harmony, eye flow, etc.

o   Are you rushing the project?

o   Take a break and “sleep on it” as we call it.

o   Check it in different lighting

o   Don’t be afraid to let it go too

o   I am regularly reminded that someone will love it.

o   One of my repeated goals is that I remind myself to do is to battle through the project and get it done. I am not usually one to recommend that you put it to the side a while. But maybe that is your style.

o   We have a threshold of when we want to quit and give up on a project. 

o   I face it often. I want to get to the next FUN project. 

o   Don’t let the one you are working with beat you… Or come to grips with it and move on, don’t let it linger.

o   You need more victories and not so many defeats.

o   Editing your project may give you the victory you need.


o   I often say that if I don’t like it, I will paint over it. That rarely happens. Usually, I’ll just make subtle edits to the project to solve the issue

o   Be sure that you aren’t under 

o   stress, 

o   pressure, 

o   or lack of time. 

o   You’ll most likely find that you won’t be creating your best work.

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