Furniture Artist Life with Aaron

Booth Life

January 03, 2022 Aaron Season 1 Episode 4
Furniture Artist Life with Aaron
Booth Life
Show Notes

Are you ready to get a booth or shop in a local store? In this episode, I'll cover a lot of topics and suggestions for you to ask yourself or to consider before you get started in your booth life journey.
Topics like:


·       Visit as many local shops as possible.

·       Visit at different times—are they usually busy?

·       How far away are they?

·       How often can you go “fluff your booth”?

·       Think about drop off and pick up of your items.

·       What are their hours? 10–5? 


·       Is anyone else selling or having the same product as you?

·       What has the best vibe for what you are creating

·       Every square inch is producing profit. Walls, floor, ceiling

·       Are you wanting a gallery or a retail store or a combination of both?


·       How much space do you need?

·       Are the isles tight?

·       Plan for growth

·       Move from just getting into being in the prime location

·       When are work nights?

·       What booth types are around you?

·       Are all the areas of the store the same feel?


·       What’s the target audience?

·       Do they want a delivery?

·       Do they want Layaway?

·       Are there shopping with carts?


·       How does booth contract affect your pricing?

·       Contract things to consider

o   Rent

o   Commission

o   Sales software

·       Get to know the managers, the movers, the staff, etc.


·       What’s their social media following?

·       Do they have a website?

·       Do they do any advertising—Billboards, social media, will they feature your booth or work?

·       Do they have promotional sales events, are some mandatory?

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