Furniture Artist Life with Aaron


January 30, 2022 Aaron Season 1 Episode 8
Furniture Artist Life with Aaron
Show Notes


·       What is community?  COMMON UNITY

·      Common interest

·      Common enjoyment

Things that should exist in a community

·      Positivity

·      Encouragement

·      Honesty

·      Collaboration

·      Culture

·      Helpful

·      Motivation

·      Kick in the pants

·      Energy

·      Goals

·      Helps

·      Get-togethers

·       People who understand when most do not

·      Great Advice

·      Ideas

Give First—the Get will follow

Reach out—don’t wait for the community to always come to you.

·      Social media is a great place to find a group, a page, local classes, shops, etc.

·      Look for local classes

·      Look for Videos

·      There are Mentor Groups

·      Don’t be shy or the journey will be a quiet one.

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